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Smashing magazine provides us developers with an exhaustive, easy-to-use reference on the differences in CSS between IE6, IE7 and IE8.

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As I was working on my Adobe Air email client yesterday it took most of my time trying to figure out why loading two movieclips with exactly the same proportions would have different widths.Here is what I discovered and in my eyes this is a bug.


After finally deciding I cannot deal with the sluggish performance from outlook any more I decided to build my own email client. Its still currently an alpha and has a fair bit more work to do to it but is already possible to use as my default email client. I just cant send or receive attachments yet. A beta demo version will be available soon.


MYSQL code for creating and then populating a table with a list of the names and ISO 3166 codes for all the countries in the world.


When using windows XP I used to be able to download an IE6 standalone version. The IE6 standalone has never worked in vista though. For a long time I was just relying on browsershots but now I have finally found a program which suits me perfectly. IETester lets you open tabs which run different versions of internet explorer so you can fine tune and hack your html/css code till it works in all IE versions.


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