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moGo beta v.0.4

moGo is now independent
The new version of moGo no longer needs the freestyl server. At the moment this most likely will not mean to much to you guys but it means moGo is no longer restricted to the freestyl features. The new server pushes data to moGo to save on power as previously moGo had to ask the server to see if there where changes at regular intervals.


Finger friendly application launcher
Quick dial of favourite friends
Highly configurable menus and menu items
Missed call/sms/email notifications
Slide to quick launch(needs to be set in sets.txt)
Vibrate on touch(needs to be set in sets.txt, also probably not recommended)

.net compact 2.0
flashlite 2.1

How to use:
download and unzip the .CAB file
Transfer moGoInstall.CAB file to phone then click file to install.
Look in programs and run mogo.

There is still no easy config app but you can delve into the settings by editing the sets.txt file. In this file are a lot of setting values where you can change the wallpaper, icons and the menu items.After editing the sets.txt file you will need to re launch moGo.

Change wallpaper
wall=wallpapers/01.jpg -- after the = sign put the location of your own wallpaper

Change icons
menuIcon1=Phone.png -- change Phone.png to the icon you want to use. You can find icons in the icons folder.

Change menu Items
m1_iName1=Contacts -- This is the menu item title
m1_iDesc1=See a list of your contacts -- A small description
m1_iIcon1=Contacts.png -- The icon of the menu item
m1_iType1=launch -- Launch type. Can be: launch,web,call
m1_iAction1=Windowsaddrbook.lnk -- Depending on the launch type. Either location of app, web address or phone number

Multiple menus
It is possible to add your own menu. You can currently have up to 4 menus per button.

m1_Menus=3 -- This needs to be set to the correct number of menus you want.

The following would create a third menu for the phone button. Having m111 means it is the 3rd menu. m1111 would be the forth.


&m111_Style=big -- means it is using the 4 big menu itemsstyle.Setting it to grid would make it use a 9 item grid menu. If using the grid you will need to add more items to the menu.

&m111_Ani=fromB -- This means the menu animation will slide from the bottom. Other options are "fromU " is slide from the top, "fromL ",slide in from the left and "fromR ", slide in from the right.

Slide to quick launch
&slideLeft_iType=none&slideLeft_iAction=Windowsf explore.exe&slideLeft_iIcon=FileExplorer.png&

&slideLeft_iType=none -- This means the slide to launch is off.Set it to "launch " and add the correct location to launch an application like a locker program for example. You can set an icon for it. You could also set it to ring someone by using the iType=callsetting.

Possible problems:
I have built a brand new moGoServer instead of using freestyl and I have found the xmlsocket class in flashlite a little flaky. I do believe that I have found a good work around to make it stable though.See if you have any problems and let me know.

I only see a black window titled moGoServer...
You either do not have flashlite 2.1 installed or flashlite is not associating .swf files. If you have flashlite installed run it and open a swf file manually by clicking open. You can find a swf file in the flashlite folder or moGo folder. Now it will associate swf files and you never need to do it again. Restart moGo.

Hope you like it

Download MoGo v0.4


Alek writes:
Great work. I have it working on my touch. I'm working through the settings file now. Will let you know if I find any problems.
Posted 26 Sep 2008
ziggotron writes:
I saw this at xda-developers. I have been using this version and would love to see the next version.
Posted 26 Sep 2008
Stuart writes:
Looks very cool! Is it possible to customize for a standard PDA, i.e. get rid of the phone functionality? Thanks
Posted 10 Oct 2008
Steve writes:
It is possible to edit the config file to replace the phone menu with something else if you wish. Only the reception bar will remain and simply display zero reception.
Posted 14 Oct 2008
metalmaus writes:
very nice appz. nice work with configuration sets.txt file, but..! do you have somebody idea how set button to open Programs window or Setting window?
Posted 08 Dec 2008
Mike writes:
Hey, love the looks of this shell, and I was attempting to get it on my Incite(LG CT810)...Got it installed, I have Flash Lite 2.1 on there as well, and when I run the app, about half the screen goes black, and it stops working, and ideas?
Posted 28 Jan 2009
Mike writes:
Nevermind, I got it to work by running it through flash player, any way you could help me fix that and allowing it to run instead of my today screen?
Posted 28 Jan 2009
Steve writes:
Yes, You can place a shortcut link to the mogo program in your windows/startup folder.
Posted 31 Jan 2009
Robin writes:
No Support for WM 2003 SE (Flash Lite only supports WM 5)... Or any workarounds?
Posted 07 Feb 2009
Steve writes:
Sorry robin there is no work around that I'm aware of. Chances are that a device running WM 2003 SE will not have sufficient resource either.
Posted 11 Feb 2009

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