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My latest project has been a big one. Since working with eCards Media I have been working hard on the personalised cards website. A similar thing to moonpig. You customise a birthday or christmas card etc. Upload a photo and edit the text hit send and we post it first class for you.


A small code snippet used to convert URLs into HTML live links with PHP.  Useful for when creating a user comments post box.

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Setting up a CRON job to run a PHP script is not as easy as you would think. It all depends on your PHP installation and what modules are installed. Then you have to get the file to be run and parsed as PHP. However I have a method that works for most by using cURL.


  • If a method can be static, declare it static. Speed improvement is by a factor of 4.
  • echo is faster than print.(* compare with list from phplens by John Lim)
  • Use echo’s multiple parameters instead of string concatenation.
  • Set the maxvalue for your for-loops before and not in the loop.
  • Unset your variables to free memory, especially large arrays.
  • ...

@font-face is a new CSS3 rule that links to a TrueType or OpenType font that is sitting on your server.

@font-face {
font-family: Graublau Sans Web;
src: url(GraublauWeb.otf) format("opentype");

body {
font-family: Graublau Sans Web, Lucida Grande, sans-serif;

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